Where Can I Serve?
Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of this church is our mission to the world. It begins in our own community, and spreads overseas to every nation. Church members are involved in a variety of ministries from things as simple as arranging the alter flowers, to preparing the church bulletins.

Prayer Chain

Prayer cannot be overestimated. Prayer moves the hand of God. Our Church is a body of believers dependent upon prayer, and committed to God’s sovereignty. As joys and concerns arise within our church family, word spreads among our prayer team to lift up a particular person or need in prayer.  To bring your prayer to our Prayer Chain, please contact the church office with the details.  If you would like to join our prayer team, please call or email Pastor Charlie with your interest. (518) 456-1148

Mission Outreach

McKownville Church is thrilled to be part of the spread of God’s kingdom around the world. We are active in sending mission teams and supporting these teams with our money and with our prayers.  We encourage all of our people to respond to God’s call for laborers, whether it means that they move to a foreign country or live and minister in our own community. Check out our monthly newsletter for local and current fundraising, donation, and Mission opportunities.