Korean BBQ Fundraiser

We are well over halfway on the sign fund campaign! With your help, we will get even closer after our tasty Korean BBQ fundraiser on Saturday, March 23rd! All 200 dinners will be pre-ordered with pick up at the church from 3pm-6pm. If not using the form here you may order using a VENMO account linked to the church.  Please write your order, email address, and pick up time in the space provided when paying through VENMO so we know what to provide.  The link can be found on the church website along with the menu items.  

Venmo Users: McKownville-UMC  – email mckownvillechurchvenmo@aol.com
Include your meal choice, name and email address!
Don’t forget to include your email  so we can send a reminder during the week before.
( # of orders)               
__________   Chicken @     ($12)         =             __________  __________   Steak @         ($15)         =              __________                                                    Total :             __________
Pick up times:         
  _________  3-4pm 
    _________  4-5pm    
_________  5-6pm